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FinE is a comprehensive set of advanced financial functions covering all aspects of risk management, valuation and analysis. FinE is a developer’s toolkit. The core of FinE comes both as a com-object (DLL) and a .NET class. This makes it easier to integrate into any analytical environment.

Furthermore FinE has a flexible and powerful Microsoft Excel Add-in interface and more than extensive help-manual, which leaves you in no danger of using a black-box model. FinE is developed by some of the top quantitative software developers and financial professionals in Denmark and is tested and refined in large Danish financial institutions.

Quality, Accuracy and Consistency

Systems and reports are only as good as the quality of the information they provide. FinE provides a wide range of reliable and accurate models that enhance the capabilities of any system.

Callable library modules guarantee consistent calculation across different platforms. Each FinE module is carefully designed and rigorously tested. Each time a function is called – whether it’s from Microsoft Excel or a C++ developed application – the same calculation procedure is invoked, and the same result is returned. This guarantees consistency throughout the organization.

Saving valuable time and at a lower cost.

Deriving formulas and developing software from scratch is an expensive and intricate process. Complex calculations can demand a good deal of derivation, design, programming, debugging and testing time. FinE provides the benefits of a standard product, developed by professionals and tested through implementations and daily use in financial institutions – at a lower cost.

FinE is kept up-to-date with the latest research, development and market conventions.

FinE modules are designed to optimize system performance with minimum demand on system resources. Each module and function contains numerous possibilities and provides a wide range of flexibility, accommodating for almost all specific needs.

FinE is more than just a function library – it is a Framework!

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