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FinE Analytics establishes various partnerships in order to extend the wide range of products and services available to our customers. Through these partnerships, FinE Analytics is strengthening relationships with industry-leading providers of systems, software, business information, and other important services for investment professionals.

The FinE Analytics Partnership Program supports our customers in succeeding by giving them easy access to strong solutions that complement and enhance the core capabilities of FinE Analytics’ offerings. Mainly, we consider two kinds of partnerships – Reseller Partners and Integration Partners.

Reseller Partners

FinE Analytics is partnering with leaders in their respective market segments who are interested in broadening their offerings to include our solutions. Invariably these partners have a strong presence in the markets they serve, and a focus on delivering superior customer service. Reseller Partners have the ability to deliver FinE Analytics solutions directly to their customers by managing the sales, implementation, and support processes. FinE Analytics provides extensive support for the Reseller Partner throughout the life of the relationship.

Integration Partners

Integration Partners are system providers who want to enhance their products with advanced risk management, valuation and analysis functionalities delivered by FinE Analytics. FinE Function Library can be adapted to meet the customer needs for a broad array of systems, software, business information providers and other important services. The solutions can be implemented immediately and are fully supported by FinE Analytics.

RealRåd er Danmarks første uafhængige realkreditrådgivere. Siden 1995 har RealRåd hjulpet sine kunder med realkreditrådgivning uafhængigt af realkredit-institutter. RealRåd optimerer dine boliglån, så du er sikret besparelser, der giver dig flere penge i hånden, mens din restgæld bliver reduceret hurtigere. Hos RealRåd får du reel og kvalitetsbevist realkreditrådgivning.

RealRåd har netop udviklet en app ”ACCURAT”. En app med de mest avancerede algoritmer designet til at hjælpe dig til at øge din formue gennem aktiv optimering af dit realkreditlån. ACCURAT overvåger automatisk dit realkreditlån og fortæller dig, hvornår det kan betale sig at omlægge, ud fra matematiske beregninger. Du skal altså ikke selv til at sætte kriterier op, du indtaster blot adressen, og ACCURAT ordner alt herfra. Det er let og enkelt for dig at følge med i overvågningen og hele tiden se din potentielle indtjening på din telefon eller tablet.

As the third largest provider of financial information in Europe, SIX Telekurs specializes in the procurement, processing and distribution of international financial information for investment advisory services, fund administration, portfolio management, financial analysis and securities administration.

The database of structured, encoded securities information maintained by SIX Telekurs is unparalleled throughout the world in terms of both depth and data coverage. A global network of market specialists procures real-time stock exchange information at source from the leading financial centers.

With offices in 23 countries, SIX Telekurs combines the advantages of global presence and local know-how.

Algorithmica successfully combines leading edge competence in quantitative finance and software development. The company is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Its main three products are:

  • Quantlab, that provides a comprehensive cross-asset analytics platform that scales to meet your company’s needs, from a single desktop installation to enterprise-wide deployment.
  • The Algorithmica History Server, that integrates multi-vendor feed handling using both streaming and file based feeds from most major vendors.
  • Algorithmica Risk Management System, that supports a wide range of risk methodologies and equips the risk manager with powerful tools for easy handling of financial market and counterparty risk.

The main clients of Algorithmica are the major banks and financial institutions in Scandinavia. The company was founded in 1994, is partner owned and has been profitable since inception, enjoying a “Triple A” credit rating from Dun & Bradstreet.

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